Signs Your Marriage is Over

You’ve been struggling with your marriage for a long time. Things are bad, then they get better, then they get bad again. It’s an endless cycle.

While it’s valiant that you don’t want to give up on your marriage, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to try anymore. Your marriage is dragging you down. You’re constantly depressed and no longer the person you used to be.

Is your marriage over and you don’t know it? Here are some signs that it may be time to call it quits.

You Fantasize About Life Without Your Spouse

While it’s not uncommon for married people to dream about the single life from time to time, if you’re constantly yearning for a life without your spouse, then it’s time to consider divorce. Why do you want to be single? It may be a good idea to express your feelings with your spouse. He or she needs to know how you feel.

You Don’t Communicate With Each Other

You should be able to share your thoughts and feelings with your spouse. If you spend your time away from each or in the same room in silence, then you’re not doing anything to improve your marriage and strengthen your bond. You should have discussions on a regular basis. That’s the whole part of a partnership.

There is More Bad Than Good

What things do you like about your spouse? What issues are present in your marriage? You should take inventory of the good and bad things about your marriage. One the bad outweighs the good, your marriage will continue to have more and more problems. Decide whether you can resolve these issues or if you’re better off getting a divorce.

You Feel Alone

A successful marriage requires both parties to take part in discussions and help resolve problems. When one spouse avoids conflict and forces the other spouse to solve all the problems, the marriage is headed for disaster. Nobody should have to handle all the problems in their marriage alone. It takes two people to solve problems.

Sexual Incompatibility

Marriages require affection. Even if sex is no longer on the table, there are still ways you and your spouse can be intimate. Once the intimacy is gone, the marriage dies, especially if one person wants sex and the other doesn’t. Constant rejection can quickly damage a marriage.

Contact a Maryland Family Law Attorney Today

You may not be sure if you should stay or go, but there are some sure signs that your marriage is indeed over and it is time for you to move on. You need to either address these issues right away or move on.

It may seem sad to find out your marriage is over, but the Columbia divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. can help you through this difficult time. He can guide you through all the legal and emotional components. We have two offices to serve you. To schedule a free consultation, call (410) 774-5987 or fill out the online form.


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