Protecting Your License Privileges in Maryland

When you lose your license, it can be devastating. It can mean losing your job, not being able to work or pay your bills, and it can destroy your social life. But the good news is, there are usually options for getting your privileges back. In some cases, you might even be able to avoid suspensions altogether. That is, if you’re willing to work for it.

Reasons For License Suspensions

There are many reasons why you can lose a driver’s license in Maryland. The following are just a few examples of some reasons why people have their privileges suspended.

  • Unpaid tickets Varies
  • Too many points on license Varies
  • Medical disqualifications Until disqualification is lifted
  • Violating restrictions on your license 6 months
  • Refusing to take a breathalyzer 45 days to 1 year
  • DUI/DWI convictions Varies by number of offenses
  • Unpaid child support obligations Until lifted

Steps to Getting a Suspension Lifted

How long you lose your license all depends on the reason. If it’s unpaid parking tickets, it could be a very brief suspension that can be quickly lifted as soon as the tickets are paid in full. If you have repeat DWI offenses, you could be facing years of revocation. Here are the general steps to license reinstatement, but keep in mind that each case is different, so your case may vary.

Step 1: Notice

You will receive a notice of your suspension or your revocation from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA).

Step 2: Surrender

Next, you must surrender your license to MVA by the deadline on the notice. Otherwise, you face even longer suspension.

Step 3: Check Status

Once you’ve entered your suspension period, you can check your status. You can do this by ordering a full copy of your driving record from MVA.

Step 4: Speak With an Experienced License Reinstatement Lawyer

The best way to ensure prompt reinstatement of your driving privileges is to speak with a skilled attorney who understands the rules and regulations behind license reinstatements. Often there are key factors that the MVA is looking for when determining whether to reinstate your driver’s license. However, these may not always be clear or obvious.

Step 5: Request a Suspension Hearing

If you believe MVA made an error in suspending your license, you can request a formal hearing. This will have no impact on criminal proceedings or court decisions that may be pending. This is a purely administrative process, and MVA only has jurisdiction over your driving privileges – not your criminal charges (if applicable).

Here are the deadlines for requesting a hearing:
  • Suspension for incurring too many points: Within 15 Days of Suspension
  • Violating license restrictions: Before Suspension Date Begins
  • DWI/DUI or Refusing breath/blood tests: Within 30 Days of Suspension
How a Lawyer Can Help

If you request a formal hearing within 10 days of receiving Notice of suspension, your license will not be suspended until a decision is made at the hearing. Therefore, there are few circumstances where requesting a hearing is not the best option. After all, by requesting a hearing, you are extending your driving privileges until the hearing date.

Even if you think you will lose, doing this may buy you precious time to work out a carpool arrangement to keep your job, stay in school, or find employment closer to home. Plus, an experienced attorney may be able to help you beat the suspension and keep your license.

For help with your license reinstatement or suspension hearing in Maryland, call the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. today.


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