Picking the Right Attorney to Handle Your Car Accident Case

These days, it seems every attorney is advertising every sort of practice. Perhaps it’s the increased competition in the market, or perhaps the Internet just allows attorneys to advertise more efficiently. Whatever the case may be, you’ve probably seen the big national firms advertising in your local hometown. Maybe it’s late night television, or perhaps you’re seeing New York or Florida law firms advertising to get you “big money for your injury” in Maryland.

Ultimately, you should be a critical and skeptical consumer of legal services. Think about what you really want to achieve in your case, and contact a car accident attorney who understands how to deliver it. With this in mind, here are a few considerations to think about when deciding which attorney will help with your car accident claim.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Big Injury Law Firm

Many people see the big awards listed on large law firm websites and assume it means they will recover a large award as well. This is a bad assumption. Instead, big firms often lose their clients in the cracks. Here are some real disadvantages of hiring a large national firm:

Big firm means big overhead

Large national personal injury law firms have massive overhead expenses, including large buildings, countless staff and young attorneys who are still practically in training. Your case is one of thousands, and the attorney fee will be going to feed the massive machine. In order to keep the lights on and pay all those people, the law firm cannot focus a lot of individual attention on one client. Instead, the goal is to create an assembly line of clients and settle cases as quickly as possible. This is not the best way to handle a car accident claim.

No Personal Touch

While there are definitely exceptions and we don’t mean to say all big firms are this way, many former clients of national firms lament that they never got the personal attention they needed. After all, do you want to spend the next 2 to 3 years with an attorney you can never meet in person? If your lawyer is 3 hours away, who do you think is actually going to those court appearances for you? Is it even your lawyer? Some contracted appearance attorney you’ve never met? All good questions to ask.

No diversity of experience

Ask that big firm if they handle divorces or traffic cases. Does your assigned attorney have an intimate knowledge of local traffic law or DUI defense? If you have liens from child support, can they help you get child support modified or argue for reductions in your lien so you can keep more money in your pocket? Chances are the answer will be no.


Is the national firm actually assigning your case to one of their own associates or is it being referred out to a local attorney on some fee-splitting arrangement? Do you even know who the attorney will be? Maryland has strict ethics rules that govern how attorneys can advertise – especially if not actually licensed to practice law in Maryland.

Advantages of Hiring a Local Attorney

When all things are compared, we think you’ll agree the best option is to hire a local car accident attorney with decades of experience helping real Maryland residents here in Anne Arundel and Howard Counties. The Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. provides real advice and legal representation for all of your life’s challenges. From divorces and criminal defense to serious or catastrophic injuries, Todd K. Mohink will meet with you in person and you will know exactly who is representing you from start to finish. For help with your car accident, call today to schedule a free consultation.



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