Out on bail pending appeal, Lohan pleads not guilty to theft

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to the legal limelight. Her most recent trouble involves a jewelry boutique rather than drugs or alcohol. Allegedly, Lohan walked off with a $2,500 piece of the boutique’s jewelry. The former teen queen was charged with felony grand theft, a charge that the star unsurprisingly denies.

The court has been harder on Lohan because she was on probation from her prior DUI when the alleged theft occurred. Last week, the star was sentenced to 120 days in jail for violating her probation. She’s appealing the sentence, and still has possible sentencing for the alleged theft in her future.

Reportedly, Lohan is angry about the theft allegations and denies them. Her anger continues since the judge sentenced her to jail last Friday for her probation violation. Her defense attorney filed appeal papers soon after the sentencing hearing, which allowed the star to get out on bail.

According to reports, Lohan is disappointed in the fact that the judge sentenced her so harshly for the alleged violation. Lohan claims that she is trying to turn her life around, meaning that she wants help with her supposed alcohol and drug problems. She also reportedly is ready to reach out and help the community, which is part of her sentencing for the violation of probation.

The trial regarding the theft charge against Lohan is scheduled to begin next month. The felony status of the charge was dropped to a misdemeanor. A lesser charge or not, Lohan still pleads not guilty to the charge.

With Lohan now more well-known for her legal dramas rather than her acting career, one can’t help but wonder whether people are targeting her because she has become an easy target. Also, might the court try to make an example out of a star in order to prove that its state is hard on crime?


abc News: “Lindsay Lohan Posts $75,000 Bail,” Sheila Marikar, Jason Nathanson and Ryan Creed, 23 Apr. 2011

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