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Online activities might lead to criminal charges

Many people don’t go a single day without accessing the internet. Even though being online gives you a sense of anonymity, you can’t let this lure you into thinking that you can do anything you want online without consequence. Some actions can land you in legal trouble, even if you think your identity is somehow hidden as an internet user.

We know that you might not have meant any harm by the message you posted online. However, if that message is construed as hate speech or a threat, there is a chance that you will face criminal charges for what you did. This is only one example of how what you say and do online can impact your life.

Social media is a powerful tool that can help you to connect with people. It is crucial that you use it for good so that you can stay away from having to defend your actions in court. Be sure that you aren’t doing anything that might be considered bullying. In fact, the best thing you can do when you interact with people online is to remember that what you say and do is on record. Screenshots are always possible and can be used as proof of what happened. If your manners would prevent you from saying it in person, then it’s probably best not to say it online, either.

We know that you might be worried about the consequences of the charges you are facing. We can work with you to help keep the penalties to a minimum while we focus on your defense. We can’t promise a perfect outcome to your case, but we can promise you that we will fight for your best interests.

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