Officer arrested for alleged violent attack outside Baltimore bar

A 23-year-old Howard County police officer has been arrested following an allegedly violent attack on another officer in the city’s nightlife district. According to, the probationary officer is accused of assault on a female officer during an arrest outside of the establishment.

The accused officer, a former marine who has been on the force since last August, is said to have punched the female officer in the head during the arrest. The female officer was reportedly in the process of handcuffing the other man when the incident occurred.

Sources indicate that a private citizen came to the female officer’s assistance. The accused officer and the man being arrested were apparently injured as well. They were taken to Johns Hopkins Medical Center, and then to Central Booking.

The probationary officer, who is suspended during an investigation of the matter, is charged with assault on police, failure to obey a lawful order and resisting arrest. The man who was arrested during the scuffle may face additional charges for contributing to the violence.

One does not ordinarily expect a police officer to be on the wrong side of the handcuffs. The Howard County police department in the case evidently agrees. According to sources, the police chief of the county indicated such conduct among police officers will not be tolerated. The chief also says he has contacted the city’s police commissioner to discuss the matter.

Time will tell whether the charges will stand once the evidence is presented in court. The accused officer may also find himself involved in civil litigation should the female officer decide to file a civil lawsuit.

Source “Howard County officer arrested for assaulting city officer, police say,” 4 April 2011

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