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New suspect identified in decade-old Baltimore murder case

It’s hard to imagine. That boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse sitting next to you, the person you likely love the most in this world and would give anything for, could fall victim to a violent crime some day. It’s a terrifying thought. But what makes it an even more terrifying thought is that you would likely become the prime suspect if your significant other were to be murdered.

One man has been learning that truth after his girlfriend was murdered in Baltimore County about 12 years ago. Since her untimely death, he became and remained the prime murder suspect. Why? Because his girlfriend had gotten a life insurance policy naming him as the beneficiary shortly before the crime of violence took place.

He had also taken out a life insurance policy of his own at the same time, naming his girlfriend the beneficiary of that and claims that it was his girlfriend who insisted that she take out a policy of her own. Since the murder, the boyfriend has consistently denied that he had anything to do with the murder.

And now, after more than a decade of being the central suspect and of defending himself, the boyfriend can potentially breathe a sigh of relief. The Baltimore Sun reports that DNA has helped investigators identify another suspect. Currently out of state, the suspect will be extradited to Baltimore County soon for further investigation.

Both the boyfriend and the victim’s family indicate that they are hoping that this long-awaited, new development will lead to answers and closure. The boyfriend, however, doubts that he will suddenly be relieved of all suspicion.


The Baltimore Sun: “Man arrested in 2000 Dundalk killing not long-time suspect,” Justin Fenton, Jan. 20, 2012

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