Maryland mom arrested for drunk driving two times in one day

One drunk driving arrest in a person’s life can create enough anxiety and trouble. A recent report about a Maryland woman describes a day in her life that she could have trouble living down.

The woman, 23, wasn’t just arrested for driving under the influence multiple times, but those multiple DUI arrests occurred in a mere three hours of each other. She now has a fight ahead of her in order to avoid harsh convictions and sentencing.

According to NBC Washington, the young driver was first pulled over in the very early hours of a Tuesday morning. She spent time in jail, was charged with DWI and was soon released to a sober driver who picked her up.

Police apparently thought that the sober driver would take the DWI suspect home, but that reportedly wasn’t what happened. Instead, the suspect was taken to her vehicle and got behind the wheel. Not long after she returned to drive, she wound up in the hands of Maryland authorities again.

She was pulled over and arrested for suspicion of drunk driving hours after being released from jail. The second arrest and resulting charges are more serious than the first. The driver had her young child in the car with her at the time, which elevates a drunk driving charge to a more severe level. She isn’t the only adult in trouble in this case; authorities are also reportedly targeting the sober driver who dropped the accused mother off at her car.

We will keep our eyes on this case and post an update with any new developments. Do you think that the sober driver should face legal consequences for her supposed role in the repeat DUI?

NBC Washington: “Mother Arrested Twice in 3 Hours on Drunken Driving Charges,” Kathy Banks, Aug. 18, 2011

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