Maryland man faces assault charges after shots fired from home

The 911 call came in to local Maryland police around 1:45 p.m. during the third week of July. The woman making the call informed the police she was fleeing from her boyfriend’s house after being involved in what she described as a particularly violent situation. She told the police that her boyfriend had struck her while she was in the house and claims that he then fired shots at her as she fled. If the woman’s allegations are proven, the 44-year-old man faces a potentially serious assault conviction.

The woman alleges that her boyfriend first struck her with an object while she was in the house. She says she then fled the premises and the man fired shots at her while she was attempting to get into her car. According to her statement, all of the shots missed her and struck her vehicle instead — she was able to drive to a nearby home to make the 911 call.

When police arrived at the house from which the shots were allegedly fired, they found the man coming out of a nearby wooded area. Although he was carrying a pistol and a shotgun, he was arrested without any incident. The man consented to the officers’ request to search the home and additional weapons were found and confiscated.

Authorities say that an investigation is being made regarding the legality of the weapons that were found in the house. The Maryland man was charged with first-degree assault and other charges, including attempted first-degree murder. The charges against the man can bring serious consequences if he is convicted of them — his defense will need to focus on the specifics of the alleged acts committed as they stand in relation to proven and verifiable facts. The prosecution will also need to first fulfill its lawful obligation to competently prove — beyond any reasonable doubt — that the alleged events claimed to have taken place actually occurred in the exact manner as they were described.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Anne Arundel police arrest man after shots fired at vehicle,” July 17, 2013

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