Maryland Man Faces Assault Charges After Attacking Girlfriend

Assaults can happen to anyone, whether they are in a relationship. A person can be physically attacked by someone they don’t even know or they can be harmed by someone they are in a relationship with and do know very well, such as a spouse or other romantic partner.

A Maryland man is facing assault charges after attacking his girlfriend in a hotel room. The man was staying in a hotel in Ocean City with the woman and her children when the man choked the woman. The incident happened on the afternoon of February 15 at a hotel on 32nd Street.

When police officers arrived at the hotel, they found the victim in a different room with her children. She had red marks on her shoulders and throat. She told police that her boyfriend, a 30-year-old man from Takoma Park, had choked her and slammed her down to the ground for 15 minutes.

The incident started when the woman confronted the man about his drinking problem. The man got aggressive and went back to the hotel room. He started playing inappropriate music and when the woman asked him to shut it off, he got even more aggressive.

The woman then called the man’s mother and asked her to talk to him about his drinking. She also asked for advice on how to calm him down. This made the man even madder, and at one point, while changing their 1-year-old daughter’s diaper, he slammed her on a bed too hard.

That was when the woman gathered the children and belongings and tried to open the door to leave. That was when the man grabbed her by the neck and threw her down onto the ground. The woman yelled for help and tried to call 911, but the man threw her down to the ground once again. He also grabbed her by the mouth and neck.

The couple’s 5-year-old son intervened and tried to get the man to stop assaulting his mother. The victim tried to get the child to get help, but the man would not let him leave the hotel room. The boy hit the man with a pillow several times to get him to stop assaulting the woman. The child was interviewed by police and told them that “Daddy knocked Mommy to the ground five times.”

Police finally arrived at the hotel room and the man was arrested. He faces multiple criminal charges, including first- and second-degree assault.

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Assault can happen to anyone, and it can even occur in a domestic violence situation between spouses. Depending on the circumstances, a person can spend more than a decade in prison for assaulting someone.

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