Maryland man charged with assaulting groom in road rage spat

Most drivers have likely been in a situation while driving when they have wanted to send the driver by them a strong message. Of course, that message should not turn harsher than a potentially inappropriate gesture or laying on the horn.

On Monday in Anne Arundel County, a road rage incident got out of hand, reportedly leaving five people injured. Among those injured was a groom whose wedding had taken place that day. His bride was with him in an SUV on the afternoon of the assault that allegedly occurred on the road.

According to reports, there were several people in the SUV being driven by the groom. When the SUV came to a spotlight, those in the car played a game where they got out of the car and switched seats. That game apparently didn’t sit well with the driver of a PT Cruiser behind the SUV.

Sources claim that the driver of the PT Cruiser became frustrated. When the groom in the SUV decided to confront that driver, he was supposedly met with violence. The driver in the Cruiser allegedly stabbed the groom and then tried to leave the scene. He didn’t get too far, as the groom and his group in the SUV sped after the man. Ultimately, both cars got into an accident.

The driver of the Cruiser, 23, faces charges of assault, reckless endangerment and carrying a dangerous weapon. At this point, there are no reported plans for further charges to be filed against the driver of the SUV, whose being treated in a hospital for his injuries. Some question whether the Cruiser driver may have felt threatened when the SUV driver reportedly approached his car.

If more details of this incident are clarified, we will post an update.

Source “5 Injured In Gambrills Road Rage Incident,” Feb. 21, 2012

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