Maryland Man Arrested for Identity Theft, Forgery

People are often motivated by money. Instead of honest work, though, many people try to obtain money and other assets via fraud, forgery and theft. People think they aren’t hurting anyone by stealing, but it causes individuals and companies to lose their hard-earned money.

A Maryland man is facing multiple charges after an incident on August 22 in Greenwich, Connecticut. The 26-year-old man is facing nine theft and forgery charges after trying to purchase merchandise through fraudulent means.

Police officers responded after a business in Connecticut reported that a man was attempting to buy items via forgery. The business provided a description of the suspect. A police sergeant saw a man matching the description. He was in a vehicle with Maryland license plates.

Police officers were able to pull over the vehicle. The passenger, identified as Cristian Cuilei of Forestville, was arrested. He faces multiple charges, including forgery, identity theft, larceny, criminal impersonation, criminal attempt at second-degree larceny, conspiracy to commit forgery, conspiracy to commit identity theft and conspiracy to commit criminal impersonation. The driver, who had a suspended license, was charged with driving without a license

Fraud vs. Forgery: What’s the Difference?

You may notice that people are charged with either fraud or forgery, or even both. What is the difference between these two terms? While related, they are not exactly the same.

Fraud involves the dishonesty of a company or person in order to obtain assets. A person who commits will intentionally lie or misstate the truth. Forgery, on the other hand, is just a type of fraud. It typically focuses on the alteration of a specific object, such as a document, to make it look like someone approved it. It could also refer to creating a product that is not authentic.

Fraud involves deceiving another person, which means that forgery is often involved. A person who engages in fraud will often use forged documents to gain access to things they should not be able to access.

Fraud can happen in many ways. A person can commit fraud by writing a bad check. It can also involve blackmail, theft and lying on tax forms in order to receive a higher refund amount. A person can also use someone else’s credit card information without their permission.

Contact a Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney Today

While theft and forgery crimes don’t typically cause any physical harm, they are still punished harshly. Depending on the amount of property stolen, a person can face up to 20 years in prison. They can also be charged with a felony, which can change a person’s life in many ways. They may lose their job and face stigma in their community.

If you are facing theft charges, get help from the Columbia theft attorneys at The Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. In some cases, fraud happens by accident so you need to defend yourself. Our team will provide you with a solid defense to help reduce your charges. Call (410) 774-5987 or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation. We have two offices to serve you.


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