Maryland man accused of theft, burglary in home invasion

A reported home burglary in May has resulted in criminal charges for a Maryland man. Authorities say that the 32-year-old broke into a home in Crumpton and stole a number of personal items. He has been placed under arrest on theft and burglary allegations, though no information on upcoming court dates was initially reported.

Maryland authorities investigating the matter apparently executed a search warrant at the man’s home in mid-June. The factual basis for the warrant was not revealed, and it is unclear what evidence police gathered that led them to suspect the man they placed under arrest. Nevertheless, in executing the warrant at the man’s home, a number of times reported as stolen from the home were apparently recovered. in addition to a 20-gauge shotgun, a birth certificate said to belong to the victim was reportedly seized in the raid.

The accused man was arrested at the time of the search, which took place around 8 a.m. on a Friday morning. No information was disclosed to indicate if the man accused of these crimes shared the home where he was arrested with any other individuals. Nevertheless, authorities say their investigation is continuing and that more charges are anticipated. No indication was reported to explain what charges may follow and what basis investigators have for pursuing them against this particular person.

Clearly, the man has a difficult road ahead in answering the criminal allegations. Burglary and theft convictions can result in serious consequences in Maryland, including the imposition of heavy fines and penalties as well as jail time. The search warrant and the information upon which it was based will need to be reviewed carefully to gain an understanding of police actions and to gauge whether the rights of the accused have been upheld. Further, the specific charges must be compared to the actual facts known to the accused in order to prepare a vigorous and relevant defense aimed at achieving the best result possible.

Source:, “Man charged with burglary and theft,” June 20, 2013

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