Maryland employee pleads guilty to National Archives theft

If you were to sell a voice recording of Babe Ruth on eBay, how much do you think it would go for? According to a CNN report about a Maryland theft case, the recording might not go for as much as you think. When a former government worker allegedly tried to sell the recording, bids didn’t even get a chance to hit the $40 mark.

Forty dollars sounds puny in the grand scheme of a theft case that is actually a big deal in the life on a 66-year-old Maryland man. He used to work for the National Archives and Records Administration but will now more than likely be known as the man who was convicted of stealing from his place of work.

According to CNN, the suspect is on the hook for an estimated $30,000 worth of NARA artifacts that he allegedly stole from the archives and tried to sell for profit. The defendant pleaded guilty yesterday to the theft charge, which alleges that the defendant spent eight out of the 40 years he worked for the NARA to steal and sell various historical artifacts.

The defendant spent part of his career specifically in the movie and sound recording department at the NARA, though the specifics regarding any further artifacts he allegedly stole are not available. The alleged theft in this case is upsetting to the state. They regret that the defendant was given responsibility and trust as a government worker to protect the artifacts for the public’s use and that he used his post to try to privately profit from the collection.

Now that the defendant pleaded guilty to theft, he still has to face his sentencing. What can an estimated $30,000 worth of stolen property get an offender? The defendant could have to spend up to 10 years in prison following his guilty plea.


CNN: “Ex- government worker admits selling stolen National Archives recordings,” Carol Cratty, Oct. 4, 2011

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