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Maryland domestic violence laws try to further assist victims

Domestic violence is a problem that affects every community and this type of criminal act is a violation of Maryland domestic violence laws. One of the most frequent issues an Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer encounters has to do with abuse of one form or another.

Steps have been taken in Maryland to go further than the conventional restraining order against an abusive spouse in instances that call for more action. Domestic violence victims who have taken out restraining orders, but have found that their abusive partner still harasses them, are increasingly choosing to use the state’s help to enter confidentiality programs to keep their location secret. This is true even if the abuser tries to get official government information as to the spouse’s whereabouts. The program is gaining steam in helping people who previously had essentially resigned themselves to the fact that they couldn’t escape the abuse even with a restraining order.

Protective orders are necessary steps to try to stop abuse from escalating. The law treats violence and threats of violence in the home very seriously and will do everything possible to try and prevent it from turning into a tragic situation for both parties. It can happen to anyone, anywhere. Many times, it occurs without warning. When there is a rising feeling of fear and unease, there are tactics that can be utilized to help an allegedly abused person feel safer.

When domestic violence happens, there are decisions that a victim can take to reduce the chance that the situation gets out of control. Anyone who feels the sting of a person breaking Maryland domestic violence laws has the right to approach law enforcement and make decisions to improve their safety.

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