Maryland domestic violence laws designed to protect the abused

Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to protect people who have been subjected to abuse. An Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer often encounters people who have been abused at home by a spouse or person with whom he or she is in a relationship. There are also instances in which a person is harassed by a neighbor or an acquaintance. There are many different forms of abuse and if they are allowed to go on unabated, there is the likelihood that the issue will escalate and grow worse. Even well-known people are sometimes involved in domestic incidents.

Former NFL star and current broadcaster Keyshawn Johnson was arrested for after a domestic abuse with his former girlfriend. A call was placed to law enforcement not long after midnight. Allegedly the dispute was about marriage. During it, Johnson reportedly took the woman’s cellular phone, smashed it and caused a cut on her hand. Police investigated the incident and arrested Johnson. He posted bond and was released the next morning.

Whether it’s a famous actor, a sports celebrity, a television personality or a normal everyday person, all are subject to the law when it comes to domestic violence. People who have been abused have options when it comes to seeking protection to prevent the violence from continuing. If it is occurring between a husband and wife or a boyfriend and girlfriend, a protective order can be requested. If it is an acquaintance or a neighbor, a peace order can be requested.

There are different levels to these orders. An interim order can be acquired without the other party knowing about it. A temporary order will be heard by the court within 48 hours. Then a final order can be heard within a week. If there are children in the relationship, temporary custody can be granted along with spousal and child support.

Domestic violence can make the home into a dangerous place. Those who are being abused might think they have nowhere to turn for protection. Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to ensure the safety of those who are being abused. If there is domestic violence occurring a Howard County spousal abuse lawyer knows how to help file for protective orders.

Source:, “Keyshawn Johnson, former Jets wide receiver and current ESPN analyst, arrested for domestic violence: report,” Gary Myers, April 21, 2014

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