Maryland domestic violence laws apply even to star athletes

A Maryland domestic violence lawyer encounters a variety of cases involving a wide range of people. In some instances, they are normal working people. In others, they may be prominent and well-known members of society. Regardless of who is involved in an incident involving allegations of domestic violence, an Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer knows that Maryland domestic violence laws apply to everyone.

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was involved in an incident with his fiancée in a casino that was initially described as “minor.” According to police, both Mr. Rice and his fiancée are alleged to have committed assault on one another. They were both charged with domestic violence-simple assault and released with summonses. However, Mr. Rice’s position that it was a minor incident became muddled when a surveillance video was discovered showing him dragging his evidently unconscious fiancée from an elevator. While both Mr. Rice and the woman were charged in the incident, the video has placed question marks over his career and what the NFL might do in terms of punishment for this incident.

Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to protect an abused person. With the help of a Maryland domestic violence lawyer, a person who is alleging abuse has options to gain protection. A protective order is used when the act occurs between spouses, a couple that has a child, or a couple that has lived together for at least the previous 90 days. By contrast, a peace order is used when the issue is with an acquaintance, a neighbor, or a stranger.

With protective orders there are three levels. The interim order can be acquired without the other party knowing about it. The temporary order will be heard by the court within 48 hours. The final order is generally scheduled within seven days. The final order is valid for one year and can be renewed. With a final protective order, custody of children can be awarded to the person who is alleging abuse and the other parent can be ordered to provide financial support.

In the case of Mr. Rice, the video evidence is contradicting the initial reports that the incident was not serious. No matter the evidence, the first step when confronted with a case like this is to discuss the matter with a Maryland domestic violence lawyer.

Source: New York Daily News, “Video shows Ravens running back Ray Rice dragging girlfriend out of Atlantic City casino elevator,” Michael O’Keeffe, Feb. 19, 2014

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