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Maryland brothers face criminal charges in pizza delivery holdup

The Maryland State Police investigation lasted six months and warrants were finally issued for two suspects in July. Two brothers, one 19-years-old and the other a 21-year-old, were arrested for allegedly holding up a pizza delivery driver during the previous winter. The two siblings face a variety of criminal charges, including armed robbery and theft under $1,000, with the combined bail amounts totaling $300,000.

At the end of the 6-month investigation, the two suspects were identified as the individuals who purportedly held up the delivery man as he was delivering a pizza in Chester. According to the victim, he was attacked from behind while attempting to make the delivery. The victim claims he was held at knife-point while he was robbed of money, pizza, his cell phone, and some personal items.

The driver called the police from a nearby CVS store after the two robbers fled the scene on foot. The older of the two brothers purportedly made threatening phone calls to the driver’s family from his stolen cell phone. As a result of the phone call allegations, the older brother faces an additional charge of retaliation against a witness/victim. His bail amount was set at an amount five times that of his younger brother.

The younger brother was able to post bail and preliminary hearings have been scheduled for August and September. The criminal charges being faced by the two Maryland brothers can carry serious consequences if they are convicted. They remain entitled, however, to the full legal protection afforded by law to anyone who has been accused of a crime and the prosecution must first present competent and relevant evidence that meets an exacting measure of proof before any conviction can be obtained.

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