Maryland assault suspect murders fellow student while on bail

When assault happens, there is a lot of attention and sympathy directed toward the victim. While this focus is definitely warranted, it’s important that the accused be properly considered as well. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen the way it should. In one Maryland case, a university student on bail for an assault and in the process of facing expulsion was later accused of murdering another student and eating his heart.

Clearly, the crime is gruesome. But it brings to mind a question that too often isn’t properly considered. “Why would someone do something like this?”

Assault happens for several different reasons and at different levels of severity, and certainly not everyone who loses control of their temper goes on to kill another human being. But emotional issues are at play and need to be addressed in assault cases rather than simply demonizing the perpetrator. Like in this Maryland case, ignoring these issues can too often lead to future assaults or even murder.

In some assault cases, the victim is not the only one that is hurt. Sometimes the assailant is provoked by the victim, and other times he is simply fueled by his own circumstance. Looking at the larger issues can be hard and may not always be popular, but it is key to finding the answers that may help prevent future violence and may even save lives.

This recent, gruesome Maryland murder is still under investigation and is undoubtedly tragic. This post is not meant to explain or excuse the assailant’s actions. It’s a high-profile case in the state, and it provides an opportunity to discuss potential situations behind crimes of violence and how the criminal process works.

Source: CBS News, “Alexander Kinyua, accused Md. cannibal, was on bail for another assault prior to his arrest, reports say,” June 1, 2012

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