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Man charged with theft in Baltimore County for $41 book

One local man has had a rough few months. From an intense U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration raid on his home in April to a current theft charge, the 68-year-old suspect has likely seen calmer days.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the charge that the Maryland defendant now faces stems from an alleged theft involving a $41 textbook. Yes, the defendant – a local attorney – faces criminal charges and public shame for what sounds like such a minimal offense.

The legal hoopla surrounding the textbook is the result of a May 9 incident that took place in a Baltimore County courtroom. The theft suspect was there to work and was caught on surveillance video taking a court clerk’s textbook. He insists, however, that he had no intention of taking the book. Nonetheless, the judge emphasizes the point that the defendant never made an attempt to return the clerk’s property.

Reports indicate that the video of the supposed theft shows the defendant looking at the book entitled “Understanding White Collar Crime.” The video later showed him putting some papers on the book, picking up the entire pile and then leaving the courtroom with the clerk’s textbook.

The defendant admits to being interested in and looking at the textbook because of his recent troubles with the law. Strangely, his interest in the book as an attempt to potentially help him out of his prior legal trouble landed him in this new dispute. He is charged with theft of property valued under $100 and scheduled to appear in court next month.


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