Man Arrested in Rape of Silver Springs Woman

An undocumented immigrant from Honduras has been charged with the rape of a Silver Spring woman. The 26-year-old man is facing first-degree rape and assault charges, as well as a charge of attempted second-degree murder, after pushing a woman on the ground and forcing her to have sex with him.

The incident occurred just before midnight on August 16. The woman had just arrived at her apartment complex, located in the 8500 block of 16th Street in Silver Spring. The woman went to her apartment, changed out of her clothes and returned to her car to grab a load of laundry.

As she walked back to her apartment, she was approached by a man. The man stood there in silence and smelled of alcohol. As the woman unlocked the door, the man grabbed her from behind, strangled her and threw her onto the floor. The woman screamed for her roommates to help, but they could not hear her. The man forced himself onto the woman and had sex with her.

The man kissed the woman on the lips and told her “You know you like this.” The victim tried to distract the man by offering him money and her car, but he refused. After seven minutes, the man pulled up his pants and left.

The woman ran to her apartment and called 911. The woman, who suffered injuries in the attack, was taken to Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center for treatment. Due to the strangulation, the woman suffered bruises on her neck and had trouble swallowing. She also suffered memory loss due to a lack of blood and airflow to the brain. The woman could have easily died from the strangulation.

Medical staff collected DNA evidence through a sexual assault forensic exam and documented the victim’s injuries to assist law enforcement with future criminal help police prosecute the suspect. The man returned to the apartment the next day and security guards spotted him. The man took off.

Security cameras captured the entire rape in detail. The man was arrested and placed into custody on August 19. He agreed to confess to the crime if he could contact his family first. The man is allegedly married with two children. He was living in the United States illegally. It is unknown how he entered the country. The man is currently in Montgomery County custody and is held there without bond. He was taken to a local health center for a blood draw to see if he has diseases such as HIV, AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C or syphilis. He faces a life term, plus another 55 years, in prison.

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