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Man arrested for drug possession after search during traffic stop

A man was arrested on drug charges after being pulled over for a traffic stop for what the officer thought were illegally tinted windows. The 43-year-old Maryland man has been accused of drug possession of both heroin and cocaine. He faces four criminal charges for his alleged crimes.

After the traffic officer pulled the man over on I-95 for the tinted windows, the officer questioned the driver and ran his license. The green Chevrolet that the man was driving had Maryland tags, but the driver’s license was issued in a different state. It is unclear why, but this information led the traffic officer to call for a K9 unit to search the vehicle.

The K9 unit purportedly alerted the officer to search the center console of the vehicle. Inside the console, the officer allegedly found suspected cocaine in two large and two small bags, as well as suspected heroin in some capsules. In total, the officer supposedly seized nearly 2,900 grams of cocaine and nearly 390 grams of heroin. Reportedly, the estimated value of the purported drugs on the street would be around $380,000.

In an interview about the case, the local Maryland police captain stated that the traffic officers use "criminal indicators" to determine whether to have a K9 search the vehicle. However, the fact that the man had a driver’s license from a different state than the Maryland tags on his car may not have been grounds for this type of search. The man’s defense will likely investigate to determine if all proper procedures were followed when the man and his vehicle were searched and subsequently arrested. If not, then the drug possession charges could be reduced or even dropped entirely.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore man charged with possession of cocaine, heroin after Harford traffic stop, Krishana Davis, March 20, 2014

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