Man accused of robbing female taxi driver

A man was accused of robbing a Maryland taxi driver in the Pine Cliff Park area of Frederick on Aug. 8. The incident happened in the morning when the man allegedly held a pellet gun to a female taxi driver’s throat and demanded cash. After allegedly running away from the scene, the accused man was later apprehended by police as he emerged from a forested area.

Court documents show that the man was handed criminal charges that included armed robbery, first-degree assault, second-degree assault and theft less than $1,000. He was booked at the Frederick County Adult Correction Center and is scheduled to appear back in court on Sept. 4.

Reports have come out that a second individual was also detained in connection to this incident. Police reportedly questioned that person before releasing them. The taxi driver involved in the incident apparently did not wish to offer any public statements. Her boss, however, stated that the taxi driver was experienced and knew how to handle herself in the situation.

When the suspect is not detained immediately following a robbery incident, the possibility exists for an innocent person to be falsely charged. If the victim of the incident is not able to provide a satisfactorily detailed description of the accused individual, a judge may begin to doubt that there is enough evidence to link the accused person to the crime. A criminal defense attorney might be able to draw even more doubt around the case being presented by the prosecution by establishing that the individual was seen at another location when the crime took place.

Source:, “Man Charged After Attempted Robbery Of Cab Driver”, Abby Theodros, August 09, 2014

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