Man accused of assault, kidnapping at Maryland residence

A man who police suspect was involved in a violent incident at a residence in Taneytown has recently been arrested. Maryland police suspect that the 19-year-old man, along with other suspects, held a victim at the residence and refused to let him leave. The man faces serious charges, including assault and kidnapping.

According to the report, the victim was originally assaulted in the backyard of a residence after purportedly purchasing marijuana. The suspects then allegedly forced the victim to drive them to another residence. The detectives working this case believe that at least one of the original three suspects had used a knife when threatening the victim.

At the next residence, the 19-year-old along with four other suspects are accused of assaulting the victim inside the home, and the victim claims that the suspects refused to let him leave. Local police responded to the scene, and four of the suspects were arrested, but the accused man supposedly evaded the officers. It is unclear what potential evidence lead police to track down the man at his own residence and arrest him, but he was arrested a month later.

The accused man was booked in the Carroll County Detention Center on the charges of first-degree assault, kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnap. He was subsequently released from custody after posting bail in the amount of $30,000. In situations such as this where multiple suspects were involved, it can often be difficult to pin specific crimes on each individual. Furthermore, as the investigation continues, new evidence could surface, which could make it harder for Maryland prosecution to provide sufficient evidence for a guilty verdict against the man.

Source: Carroll County Times, Taneytown man arrested for assault, kidnapping, Brett Lake, Jan. 3, 2014

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