Local lawmaker has controversial ideas regarding Baltimore crime

Republican delegate Patrick L. McDonough has created some debate due to recent proposals he’s suggested in order to combat violent crime in Baltimore. Critics of McDonough’s ideas suggest that they are based in racial bias and are not worth seriously contemplating.

There is no debate that violence does occur within Baltimore, violence that often involves youth in the area. Preventing violent crime here is a must, but that prevention needs to come from an ethical, realistic place. What are McDonough’s ideas?

According to The Baltimore Sun, he is pointing the finger at the mayor for the continued violence within the city. He wants the mayor to resign if she doesn’t step up her efforts to combat violence. Stepping up would mean holding a summit for the community to discuss solutions and upholding a citywide curfew.

McDonough’s critics address that a curfew is already in place. Those who see validity to the lawmaker’s suggestion address that there might be a curfew, but the city and parents need to do more to uphold that curfew in order to get potential violent offenders off of the streets during at-risk times.

Not only is there already a curfew in place, but there is a center where youth go when they violate the curfew. There, kids are held by law enforcement to eventually be picked up by their guardians. The adults are supposed to get to the bottom of why kids are out and sometimes participating in crime in order to try to put a stop to the problem.

It sounds like McDonough doesn’t think that the curfew and the center are working to create safer streets in Baltimore. If there are developments related to this matter, we will post an update.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “McDonough sounds off again about city crime; calls for curfew center, which city already has,” Peter Hermann, May 22, 2012

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