Key to successful adoption is knowing Maryland adoption laws

A Howard County family law attorney sees many different forms of adoption and reasons for it. Whether it’s a parent who has chosen to place their child up for adoption or a family who would like to bring a new child into their home, the Maryland adoption laws must be fully understood before moving forward. A Howard County adoption lawyer is well versed with the legalities of an adoption and can assist with easing the process so all parties are satisfied.


In certain cases, an adoption might turn into a legal dispute. A biological mother who gave her newborn son up for adoption to what she believed was a stable couple is trying to regain custody after the new parents filed for divorce.

The birth mother already had three children and decided that she couldn’t financially care for a fourth. The adoptive couple was present when the child was born. The adoptive parents’ decision to divorce came before the adoption had been finalized.

In her filing to regain custody, the biological mother asserts that the couple had misrepresented their situation. In order to regain custody of the child, the biological mother will have to prove that fraud took place and that the best interests of the child predicate that he be returned to her.

Any kind of family law dispute can be complicated with numerous issues that need to be navigated. This is especially true when it comes to children and Maryland adoption laws. Making sure all the relevant issues about an adoption are settled before completing it is paramount to avoiding any problems. Sometimes there are paternity questions and second thoughts. In order to avoid disputes after the fact, it is important to understand the ramifications of adoption from the viewpoint of the biological and adoptive parents.

In this case, the biological mother gave the child up for adoption to what she thought was a stable couple. After learning that a divorce was in progress, she decided that she would try to regain custody of the baby. Whether it is an adoptive parent who is concerned about legal issues or a biological parent who is reconsidering the decision, the wisest course of action prior to going forward with an adoption proceeding is to discuss the matter with a Howard County family law attorney.

Source:, “Biological mother wants adopted son back from powerful family,” Ed Doney, April 22, 2014

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