Impact Of COVID On Marriages

Depending on what source you read, the COVID-19 pandemic is straining marriages, making them stronger, causing divorce rates to soar, and causing divorce rates to decline. So what’s really going on? How are marriages faring with the lockdown, quarantines, distance learning, remote work, job loss, and possible health issues from the coronavirus?

Data and research shows that there is good news and bad news to report, so it hasn’t been all doom and gloom. But it hasn’t been easy either. We haven’t had to deal with a pandemic before, so a lot of us were (and still are) getting through it one day at a time, the best we can.

Bad News

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. First of all, couples are more stressed out than ever, but that is probably no surprise. More than one-third of married men and women admit that they are feeling more stress in their marriage due to the pandemic. It’s no wonder, with layoffs, financial stresses, children learning from home, families in lockdown, and people dying from COVID. Those who have suffered the most financial losses are feeling the most stress.

The marriage rate was already low before COVID rate, and the pandemic had decreased the number of weddings even further. Many are postponing their wedding plans, and it’s predicted that the number of marriages will stay low for a while as people wait and see what will happen with the pandemic. We’re not out of the woods yet.

Good News

Are people having sex more or less? It depends on who you talk to. Those who are married or cohabitating report having more sex during the pandemic. Those who were dating or had no partner had sex less.

Also on the plus side, many couples saw their marriages growing stronger as they learned to appreciate each other more. In fact, 58% of married men and women said that the pandemic has made them more appreciative toward their spouses.

While many news reports stated that divorces were on the rise during the pandemic, the truth is that marriages seemed to be getting stronger. Among married men and women ages 18-55, 40% said their marriages were in trouble in 2019. This is compared to just 29% in 2020.

While it’s not surprising that marital difficulties were tied to finances, what is shocking is that those who actually earned more money during the pandemic also reported that their marriages were in trouble. So it seems that changes in finances in either direction spur marital turmoil.

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