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If you think traffic violations have little impact, think again!

Many of our blog posts deal with fairly serious matters such as drug crimes or assault. Today, we would like to spend some time talking about traffic violations. Our Maryland readers based in Howard or Anne Arundel Counties often dismiss traffic violations as nothing serious; however, you should know that every charge filed against you comes with consequences.

While it is true that some of the most common traffic violations like speeding or running a traffic signal do not come with severe penalties, these charges can still have a negative impact on your life. From costly fines to loss of driving privileges, the consequences may surprise those who are facing a first offense.

For example, if the authorities catch you driving without proof of insurance in Maryland, you could incur the following penalties:

— A misdemeanor charge on your record

— A $1,000 fine

— A possible jail sentence

— Administrative fees

— Five points placed on your driver’s license

Those are some costly consequences to what might seem like a harmless act.

The good news is that you can fight back against traffic violations, especially if you feel the charges against you are in error. We routinely advise our clients to weigh the legal consequences of traffic convictions against the personal value of factors like their good name and flawless driving record to make a decision about whether to fight.

We offer up-to-date legal information if you are interested in preserving your reputation and your freedom. Please feel free to read more about traffic violations and their possible consequences by exploring our website.

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