How Weight Loss Can Lead to Divorce

When you think of the various things that can lead to divorce, you may think of infidelity, finances, lack of communication and other relationship hurdles. But what about weight loss?

While losing or gaining a few pounds may not make a difference in one’s relationship, a significant amount of weight loss can actually cause more harm than good in a marriage. While  losing weight is great for one’s health, it’s not always so great for one’s spouse.

Weight loss impacts a person in various ways. It affects activity levels, lifestyle and even self-esteem. These aspects can either make or break a marriage—unfortunately, more often than not, it breaks a marriage.

Weight loss surgery, such as bariatric surgery, is known for increasing the number of new relationships and marriages, as well as increasing the number of divorces and separations. This is because weight loss has physical and emotional benefits.

Those who lose weight feel better about themselves. They have more confidence and self-esteem. They are more comfortable in seeking out new romantic partners, if they are single. If they are married or in a relationship, this new level of comfort may lead them to end the relationship, especially if it is a toxic one, and find a new partner. They are less likely to put up with a neglectful or controlling partner.

Weight loss surgery can make a person go from a shy wallflower to a social butterfly. Excess weight can put a damper on one’s social life and when people lose this weight, they feel like a whole new person. They may notice more opportunities for dating. When people lose weight, they have more energy. They may join a gym or engage in sports. These activities can help them meet like-minded people.

Excess weight also affects one’s sex life. A person who is overweight may see their sex drive suffer. Once a person loses weight, they have more energy. They are also more mobile, which can make them more interested in having sex. If the spouse does not feel the same way, their sex life can suffer. This can cause a couple to drift apart and as a result, the person who loses the weight feels compelled to move on and find someone they are more compatible with sexually.

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A significant amount of weight loss by one person can lead to changes in the relationship—and these changes are not always for the better. While weight loss can make a marriage stronger and give a couple more reasons to connect, sometimes it can lead to divorce. The person who loses weight may feel better about themselves and find they can find a more suitable partner.

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