How To Help A Divorcing Friend Or Family Member

Sooner or later, you’ll have to deal with the divorce of a loved one. If you’ve never dealt with a divorce before, you may not know what to do. What do you say?

Divorce can be a complex situation. For some, there is a stigma attached to it, so when a person finds out that a close friend is getting a divorce, they may be judgmental. Also, you might be surprised to know that when a close friend or family member divorces, the risk of your own marriage ending increases dramatically. This is partly why many people abandon their divorcing loved ones.

But there are also those who just don’t know how to help and they may therefore disappear. Therefore, it’s important that you know what to do so you can be supportive. Here are some things you can do to help.

Don’t Be Afraid to Connect

You may think that a person going through a divorce wants to be left alone. While that may be true for someone, don’t assume. Reach out and ask your loved one how they’re doing. Ask them if they need anything. By reaching out, it shows you care and are concerned about their wellbeing.

Just Listen

You may not know what to say, and that’s perfectly fine. Ask them about their feelings. What is making them sad? What are they the most afraid of? Give your loved one a shoulder to cry on. Don’t offer advice. Don’t trash talk their spouse. Just listen.

Don’t Try to Fix Things

We often try to help our friends and family members by fixing their situation. But you can’t fix a divorce, so don’t even try. Don’t try to cheer up your loved one or try to solve their problems. Divorces are very complex, so don’t even try. Instead, let them experience their emotions. Tell them you are there for them if they want to laugh or cry.

Be Involved

A person’s life does not end when they get divorced. Your friend is still your friend, so stay involved in their life. Keep inviting them to parties and social gatherings. Call them frequently. Even if they say “no,” don’t give up on them. Keep them in your mind and they’ll come around.

Offer a Hand

Think about what you can do to help during this time of need. Perhaps you can babysit once a week. Can you help your friend with their job search? Or maybe you’re good with car or home repair. Maybe you could cook a meal once a week.

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It can be hard to know how to deal with a loved one’s divorce. Find out how to support the people in your life during a marriage breakup.

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