How One Question Can Save Your Marriage

Marriages have ups and downs. Couples struggle with many issues, such as child rearing, finances, job loss, health issues, communication problems, addictions, trust issues and infidelity. Some couples simply grow apart over time. They may not spend time with each other any more. They may not even talk to each other. They may even start to live separate lives.

You may not be ready to divorce yet, though. Maybe you want to work on your marriage and get it to where it used to be. One couple was in this same situation, and they improved their relationship dramatically just by asking each other one question every day: How can I make your day better?

Sometimes you can’t change your spouse, but you can change yourself. By asking this question of your spouse, you are changing your habits. You are doing what it takes to make your marriage work. You are looking to make your spouse’s day better, and this in turn will likely make them happier. Your spouse will be more relaxed, less stressed and less likely to argue with you.

Your spouse may not believe you are sincere at first. They may not take you seriously, but it doesn’t matter. Be persistent and let them know that you are truly willing to do what it takes to make their day better.

How can you make this work for your marriage? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Accept That You Share the Blame

It is rare for one person to cause all the problems in a marriage. It is likely that you have a hand in some of the issues your marriage is facing. Nobody’s perfect, so don’t try to blame your spouse for everything. Accept that you are to blame as well and you will feel free. Nobody’s perfect, so by asking how you can please your partner, you are showing not only that you can do better, but that you love and respect them as well.

Be Sincere

When asking the question “How can I make your day better?,” you have to be sincere about it. When your partner tells you what to do, you need to do it, no matter how uncomfortable or complex the request. This will show that you care about making the marriage work. If you don’t do what your partner asks of you or turn the question into a game, you only make matters worse, since your spouse will lose trust in you.

Contact a Maryland Divorce Lawyer Today

While asking this simple question can be helpful for many marriages, it won’t work wonders on all relationships. If you and your spouse have hit a rough patch in your marriage, you probably don’t want to do anything for them, especially if you feel as though you have done enough to try to save your marriage.

In some cases, nothing can save your marriage and the best option is to divorce. The Columbia divorce lawyers at Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. can guide you through the process and help you get through both the legal and emotional components. Schedule a free consultation by calling (410) 774-5987 or filling out the online form. We have two offices to serve you.


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