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Glen Burnie man facing attempted murder charges

A 27-year-old Glen Burnie man is facing a slew of charges, including attempted first-degree murder, from his alleged involvement in a shooting that occurred in the parking lot of the Woodlawn Motel 6.

Police and emergency personnel were dispatched to the Motel 6 for an assault. When they arrived, they found a 29-year-old woman and a 43-year-old man, both with gunshot wounds. According to investigators, the woman saw the man get shot from a motel window.

The man is now facing two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of attempted first-degree murder and the use of a firearm in commission of a felony or violent crime.

The incident is still under investigation. Both victims are expected to survive their wounds. The alleged shooter is being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center without bail.

These are obviously very serious charges that the man is facing. If you are charged with similar crimes, it is important that you remember your right to remain silent. The police can use what you say against you. You also have a right to contact an attorney and have him or her present while police are questioning you.

There will be many factors to consider when facing such charges. These might include how reliable witnesses are, what physical evidence the prosecution may have and whether the police violated any evidence laws when gathering that evidence.

The prosecution is tasked with proving the elements of the crimes you are charged with. If there is reasonable doubt as to whether any of the elements of the crime were met, the judge or jury is required to find you not guilty. An attorney can provide you with more information on how to proceed with your defense.

Source: Fox 45 News, “Man charged with attempted murder in Woodlawn double-shooting,” Ethan McLeod, July 15, 2016

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