Four Ways a DUI Conviction Can Keep You From Working

After a DUI conviction, there are going to be some big changes in your life. DUIs have long-term consequences that cannot be overstated. Perhaps the most notable effects are related to your employment. To better understand how a DUI can affect your work, consider the following 4 ways that a conviction can keep you from working.

#1 Loss of License

Simply a first offense can bring about up to a 6-month license suspension. Now, think about your job. How far do you drive each day? Can you easily rely upon public transportation to get to and from work? Does your job require you to have a car and be able to drive? The vast majority of people absolutely need a car and must be able to drive, just to make it to and from work each day. Losing the right to drive for 6 months can mean not being able to keep a great job. Many people, even well-paid professionals, end up forced to find work within walking distance to their homes, often for huge reductions in pay, because they have no other choice until they are able to get their license back.

#2 It is the End of a Career for Commercial Drivers

For commercial drivers in Maryland, a blood alcohol level of just .04% is considered presumptively impaired. A CDL driver who is convicted of DUI will lose his or her license for 1 year, and that’s just for first offenses. Since the job is entirely based on your ability to drive a commercial vehicle, you will lose your trucking job. Worse still, this will go on your DAC report (which stands for Drive-a-check). This is like a credit report for truck drivers, as it monitors accidents, DUIs, and other service issues. Getting your CDL back is not automatic, and it can take some work. But even if you get it back, there’s no guarantee any company is going to want to give you a second-chance. You are a huge potential risk for any trucking company, so many companies will be prevented from hiring you, due to their insurance carriers.

#3 Car Insurance Rates

A DUI will trigger a huge surcharge on your auto insurance premiums. For some, car insurance can be unaffordable for a long time. Many jobs, even pizza delivery, may have auto insurance requirements. If the cost of insurance is too expensive for your budget, then owning a car and holding a job that requires you to have one can also be impossible.

#4 You Have a Criminal Record

Finally, let’s not forget that a DUI is a crime. It goes on your permanent criminal record. Employers can see it when they search your background. Many jobs, from healthcare to security to hospitality, require a background check. If you show a criminal record, an employer can use this as a reason not to hire you or at least as a reason to hire someone else over you.

You Can’t Afford to Plead Guilty to a DUI

If you are facing a DUI charge in Maryland, call the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. right away. There may be ways to minimize the damage and help you keep your driving privileges through a restricted work permit. In other cases, you may have a chance of beating the charges altogether. So, talk to a lawyer before you give up. With offices in Glen Burnie and Columbia, we make it convenient to get help when and where you need it.


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