Fighting a traffic ticket can include several options

When you get a traffic ticket for speeding, your first reaction might be to deny that you were driving faster than the speed limit. Even if you were aware that you were going faster than you should have, you might still want to deny it and fight the ticket. The fact in any case is that you have the right to fight back when you get a traffic ticket.

One option that you have when you are fighting a speeding ticket is to determine if you can call the accuracy of the method for determining your speed into question. If a radar gun was used, you might wonder if you can still challenge the evidence.

It is possible to call the record from a radar gun into question. One of the most common ways to do this is to question the calibration. Radar guns require calibration on a regular basis. Typically, this requires the use of tuning forks.

This gives you two things to look at when you are determining if the radar gun was properly calibrated. You can look at how long it was between a calibration and you being pulled over. You can also look at whether the tuning fork was used or not. Too much time passing between calibrations or failure to use a tuning fork can mean the unit wasn’t properly calibrated.

You might also need to determine whether the officer was properly trained to use the radar gun or not. A police officer who isn’t properly trained might not get an accurate reading.

When you are fighting a traffic ticket for speeding, you should explore every option. This can help you to determine what you are going to do about the ticket.

Source: FindLaw, “Can I Challenge Radar Gun Evidence in Court?,” accessed March 01, 2017

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