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Field sobriety test results might be inaccurate

In our previous blog post, we discussed how field sobriety tests aren’t always accurate. Despite that fact, these tests are often used to put people behind bars. We know that you don’t want to get arrested and convicted based on an inaccurate test. We can work to investigate your case so that you can learn about your options for defense.

In some cases, we might be able to challenge the field sobriety test that was administered in your case. We might even be able to dispute the validity of other tests, such as Breathalyzer tests. There are several different factors that we can look into when we are investigating your case.

One example of how a SFST or Breathalyzer might be disputable would be if you have a disability. That disability might make it impossible for you to complete the SFST properly. If you are on certain medications, your Breathalyzer results might not be accurate. In both of those cases, it would be possible for the law enforcement officer to base criminal charges on inaccurate information if you weren’t asked about your disabilities or medications in advance.

Other factors that might affect the suitability of the SFST include the weather, the surface on which the test was performed or the grade of the surface. Rain, snow, ice, uneven ground or sloping ground might make the tests of the SFST inaccurate.

We know that facing DUI or DWI charges isn’t something that you want to do. We can fight for your rights as you go through this process. We don’t want you to fight alone.

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