Father’s rights lawyer helps man regain parental rights

In Howard County, Maryland, a father’s rights lawyer is a necessity when there is an attempt on the part of the mother or another member of the family to keep the father from seeing his offspring. A Howard County child custody lawyer is familiar with the different types of issues that crop up with parents trying to navigate the difficult road of custody and can assist a father trying to get visitation rights.

A father from another state who had his parental rights terminated due to legal problems that landed him in jail and because he never had a job received a favorable ruling that stated his rights should have remained intact. The initial court ruling had found that he had abandoned his son and granted the child’s mother’s request to terminate parental rights. The man and his child had spent time together in 2007 before the father had been sent to jail for armed robbery. Upon his release from prison and a halfway house, the man visited the child several times per week.

In the fall of 2010, the mother told him that she didn’t want him to see the child until he had reformed his life. The father continued to try and initiate contact with the mother and see his child, but was rebuffed. The mother filed a petition to have the father’s parental rights terminated. The judge agreed. In response, the father appealed so as to have his rights reinstated with the help of a father’s rights lawyer. His appeal was granted by the higher court.

Simply because one of the parents has had personal problems does not mean that the other parent can limit contact and, as in this case, then try some procedure to terminate parental rights. A child custody lawyer in Maryland sees a great many cases in which there is a dispute over custody and visitation rights. A father who feels that his rights to see a child are being violated or ignored can utilize Maryland child custody laws to try and achieve a fair resolution.

This case was difficult because the father’s rights lawyer needed to appeal to a higher court to achieve the client’s goals of seeing his child. Other cases might be easier for a child custody lawyer in Maryland, or they can even be more difficult. Regardless of the circumstances, before doing anything that could end up damaging the father’s visitation rights, contacting an attorney is usually a smart decision.

Source: New Hampshire Union Leader, “State Supreme Court overturns termination of father’s parental rights,” Pat Grossmith, Nov. 17, 2013

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