Father’s rights lawyer assists man in custody fight for daughter

In Maryland, a father’s rights lawyer helps fathers in altering their custody agreement for more visitation, in gaining custody of a child and many other legal issues. A Howard County child custody lawyer is well-versed in Maryland child custody laws and assisting fathers with their goals.

In a recent case, a father has been trying to gain custody of his 6-year-old daughter. With the help of his father’s rights lawyer, the man is facing a challenge from the child’s adoptive parents. The adoptive parents are relatives of the mother of the child.

Prior to the child’s birth, the father had filed for paternity. However, after the child’s premature birth, the mother agreed to let her brother and sister-in-law adopt the child without the father’s consent. The father wants custody of the child, but is willing to allow visitation rights to the adoptive parents. He has had visits with the child and the child has been allowed to stay with him on an extended visit as the case weaves through the legal system.

When there is a child custody dispute, a father’s rights lawyer can assist with Maryland child custody laws. Whether the disagreement has to do with child custody, visitation rights, or any other custody issues, a child custody lawyer in Maryland will be familiar with and understand how to handle the issues.

In this case, the father was unaware that the mother had placed the child into the care of her relatives and he had no say in the matter. With the help of his father’s rights lawyer, he is in the process of trying to forge a relationship with the child and hoping to gain custody. Parents who have similar disputes may want to contact child custody lawyer in Maryland for advice and assistance.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune, “Father fighting for custody of daughter being raised by Utah couple,” Brooke Adams, Dec. 10, 2013

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