Don’t let these mistakes hold you back after your divorce

A divorce should be a fresh start for you. This is sometimes a difficult thing to accept, but you should be ready to get the process started so that you aren’t stuck living in the past. There are a few things that might stop you from being able to fully move on.

Grasping at a chance to reconcile

If the divorce is finalized, there isn’t much of a chance that you will reconcile. You have to do what you can to move on with life. Try making small changes if it is too intimidating to make bigger changes.

Hanging on to anger and hurt

As long as you keep anger and hurt in your heart, your ex still retains control over you. Letting go of the hurt and anger can help you move on and take control of your life. This isn’t easy, but it is necessary if you are trying to move forward with your life.

Going into hiding

It is easy to want to hide from the pain, including the places, things and people you associate with your ex. Going into hiding isn’t going to help you move on. It will just keep you stuck in the past thinking about what has happened and dwelling on the dreams of your future with your now-ex spouse that won’t come to fruition.

Ultimately, you have to find ways that work for you to get started on your new life. One way that you might do this is to ensure that you have the best possible start for your new life by getting a property division settlement that puts you in the best place possible.

Source: The Huffington Post, “6 Things That Keep You From Moving on After Divorce,” Lisa Arends, accessed May 02, 2017

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