Divorce Trends For 2022

The coronavirus has been around in the United States for almost two years now and it’s still affecting everyday life. Businesses have shut down. Many have lost their jobs. Some schools are still in the throes of distance learning. People have to wear masks and quarantine. Many people have lost their lives due to this deadly virus.

Relationships have also suffered due to the effects of COVID. In fact, interest in divorce has been on the rise. Many law firms have been slammed with divorce cases since the summer of 2020—and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

That’s because for marriages that were already struggling, COVID was the beginning of the end. The effects of the coronavirus will result in some changes to the divorce process. Here are several divorce trends you can expect to see if you or someone you know is ending their marriage in 2022.


If money was an issue in a marriage, it will continue to be an issue in a divorce. Nearly 17 million Americans were unemployed in July 2021. The pandemic contributed to 57% of these cases.

These changes in employment can have negative consequences for those who have to pay child support or alimony after a divorce. That’s because if people aren’t earning any income, they don’t have the money to pay their post-divorce obligations. This means they will need to get modifications so they can legally reduce their monthly payments. Modifications are expected to be on the rise this year.


With many companies shifting to remote work due to the pandemic, people are realizing that they no longer have to live in large cities with a high cost of living such as San Francisco or New York City. They can move to cheaper areas out of state.

However, if there are children involved, this can lead to custody disputes. It makes it harder for the other parent to have visitation and custody if the custodial parent is relocating out of the area. Family law attorneys are having to deal with this issue more and more in the age of COVID.


Lawyers are also having to deal with issues involving the furry children. With many couples considering their dogs and cats to be members of the family, there are disputes on who gets custody. While the best interest standard is used for children, courts are increasingly using it for pets as well.

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Many couples got divorced during COVID and with the pandemic changing the economy, things are going to change. People need to be aware of what to expect in 2022 and beyond.

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