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Divorce options: Uncontested divorces in Maryland

Every divorce is unique. Some people prefer to settle their divorce issues outside of the courtroom through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and collaborative law. Others are involved in contentious divorces and benefit from the traditional courtroom process. Still others want to complete everything as quickly as possible.

In the next few blog posts, we will discuss the various options for people going through a Maryland divorce. Today, we’ll address how certain spouses can obtain a divorce quickly and without much negotiation. Some people call this an “uncontested divorce,” while others call it a “surgical divorce.”

This type of divorce is possible for spouses who agree on most of the issues of their divorces and usually do not have children or significant assets. In these cases, the spouses will generally meet to discuss the terms of their divorce. They will then draft a divorce agreement with the help of their attorneys.

Will it is not necessary to have an attorney represent you during an uncontested divorce, it is recommended by most experts and people who have gone through a divorce. An attorney can review your divorce agreement and ensure that you and your spouse did not forget about anything that could jeopardize your divorce or your future post-divorce. An attorney can also help you tackle the difficult issues, such as dividing a pension plan. Finally, an attorney can accompany you to the divorce hearing, where he or she can help you answer any unexpected questions posed by the judge.

An uncontested divorce is certainly not for everyone, but if you would like a quick and low-cost divorce and believe that you and your spouse agree on the most important issues involved in your divorce, it may be an option.

Source: Huffington Post, “What is a “surgical divorce” and how to get one,” Laurie Israel, May 3, 2012.

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