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Divorce and custody have unique challenges for service members

In our previous post, we discussed some of the financial points that people who are in the military must consider when they are getting divorced. An interesting point about military men and women who are going through a divorce is that they might not have time to nitpick the entire process because they are busy defending our country.

We know that serving in the military and going through a big personal upheaval can be a stressful combination. You might not have time to go through laws and codes to determine your options each step of the way. You may not have time to learn how to protect your rights and ensure that your future remains protected. We can help you to understand all of those points without you having to spend hours pouring over codes and laws.

Another reason why military divorces are so challenging is because of deployments. In some cases, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act might provide a way to delay proceedings if you are on active duty or stationed overseas. Of course, you still need someone on your side to help you learn about how your case is affected by the SCRA, as well as letting the court know that you are requesting that protection.

Finally, being in the military provides some unique challenges for child custody since military members move often. We can help you to learn about your rights and responsibility regarding your children when you go through a divorce.

We understand the unique challenges that a military divorce comes with. We can help you throughout the process to ensure your rights are protected.

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