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Divorce and children, part two

Children are the most important assets that spouses have in a divorce. That is why divorce issues involving children can be very contentious. Even if you and your spouse both want what is best for your children, you may disagree on what “best” is.

Some questions you and your spouse will need to answer during your divorce include:

  • Who will your children live with (child custody)?
  • How many days and/or nights will the children be with the other parent (visitation)?
  • How much will the noncustodial parent pay the custodial parent (the parent with whom the child lives) in child support?
  • Where will the children go to school?
  • Who will take the children to and from school activities?
  • How will you and your spouse deliver the children to each other? What will happen if one spouse is late?
  • Will you make all significant decisions together or will one of you have principal authority to make healthcare and schooling decisions?
  • Whose health insurance will cover the children?
  • Should additional money be allocated for the children to participate in sports and other activities?

Just like you, your children are going through a significant change. Take the time to talk through all of the above issues with your spouse. If you and your spouse can agree on these divorce issues through settlement conferences and mediation, you may be able to avoid the more-contentious courtroom setting. If you must go to court, remember to leave your children at home.

Most importantly, you will want to discuss how you will work together and find ways to remain cordial with each other in your children’s presence. The better you and your spouse can work together around the children, the more at ease the children will be with your divorce.

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