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Dine-and-dash incidents lead to theft charge in Baltimore

A man who would dine-and-dash at several Baltimore restaurants pleaded guilty to his most recent theft charge.

The man would allegedly fake a seizure to avoid paying the bill at a restaurant. Police said there were more than four dozen incidences reported that the man would eat dinner at a restaurant and then fake a seizure. The man would then be taken to a local hospital and later be released, leaving the restaurant with the unpaid bill.

The man has previously been convicted of more than four dozen theft charges for faking seizures at restaurants to get out of paying the bill. According to the police, the man recently went to two different restaurants and left without paying the bill by claiming he was having a seizure and took an ambulance to the hospital.

Police said the man left unpaid tabs at two different restaurants, totaling more than $200. After the incidences were reported, the man was arrested and charged with theft. He pleaded guilty to a theft charge of less than $100 and a theft charge of less than $1,000. The man was sentenced to time served for the first offense and a year in prison for the second offense.

This case shows how individuals who dine-and-dash can be charged with theft, especially if they are repeat offenders. In this case, because the man had previously been convicted of these offenses before, he faced a harsher sentence for the crime.

Individuals who have been charged with theft should consult a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to protect their rights and to understand the case against them.

Source: Baltimore Sun, “Seizure-faking restaurant patron convicted, imprisoned,” Richard Gorelick, Feb. 26, 2013

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