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Different types of divorces have different considerations

Every divorce is a unique experience because every marriage is unique. This means that those unique factors must be considered as the divorce moves from the initial filing to the final dissolution of marriage. There are some important circumstances that come into the picture in different types of divorces. We can help you learn about all the circumstances that you should address in your divorce.

Military divorces are one type of divorce that requires you to think about what benefits you will be able to seek. These divorces are subject to federal and state laws, so things like retirement pay and access to health care should be addressed if the marriage met the criteria for those considerations.

High-asset divorces are another type of divorce that requires special consideration because the value of all assets must be determined before the divorce can be completed. In these divorces, different types of assets might have different considerations. For example, the cost to keep up real estate must be considered, but that isn’t a consideration with stocks.

Divorces that involve children require you to think about child custody matters and child support. In these cases, the considerations would include who has the children when and who is going to make decisions for the children. Many child custody cases can be resolved through mediation or working together with your ex.

In all of these cases, we can help you to learn what options you have for ending your marriage. As you learn the options, you can make the decisions that can have a great impact on your future.

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