Commissioner facing assault charges

Maryland State Police have confirmed that the Princess Anne town commissioner was charged for first- and second-degree assault after an incident that took place on Sept. 20. The 23-year-old commissioner and University of Maryland Eastern Shore student is accused of spraying mace in a man’s face, spitting in his face and striking him with a minivan.

Prior to the alleged assault, the accused man had reportedly been involved in an argument with his girlfriend. A separate argument then started when a man intervened in the initial argument. At some point, a rock ended up being thrown at the commissioner’s minivan. When a third man approached the commissioner, he was allegedly assaulted.

The third man, who had known the accused man since childhood, admitted that he smashed the commissioner’s windshield with a baseball bat after allegedly being attacked. When the commissioner drove toward him in his front yard, the man reported that he had to jump in order to avoid being injured. So far, the commissioner’s attorney has only commented that the commissioner is innocent and is with his family. Troopers are still interviewing witnesses, and the investigation has not yet been completed.

A person charged with assault after an incident like this one might argue that they were not the aggressor in the confrontation. If a rock was thrown or another act of aggression preceded the alleged assault, the accused person may argue that they employed necessary means to subdue a perceived threat. A criminal defense lawyer could help a defendant to present such an argument and display any relevant physical evidence.

Source: WBOC, “Update: Princess Anne Town Commissioner Charged with Assault”, September 22, 2014

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