Child support enforcement strips doctor’s license for non-payment

When parents share a child and one is obligated to pay child support, they are required to keep up with the payments and adhere to Maryland child support laws. If they fail to do so, it may be necessary for the parent not receiving payments to contact a Howard County child support lawyer. This is to try and get the payments or to move forward with pursuing the payments through child support enforcement.

An eye surgeon who is behind on child support payments by over $100,000 has had his license to practice medicine stripped from him. The doctor’s former wife has tried to recover payments from him for nearly a decade and has won judgments toward that end. There are times when a person’s driver’s license will be suspended or their wages and tax refunds will be garnished if they violate Maryland child support laws. The suspension of a professional license is a drastic step that has now affected this particular doctor. In response, he has fled the United States and traveled to Kuwait where he is trying to resume his practice.

In many instances, the parent who is supposed to pay child support does so without complaint. However, there are circumstances when the necessary payments are not made. It is in these cases in which child support enforcement will have to get involved. If there is an issue with the amount that is to be paid or some other problem preventing the supporting parent from keeping up with the payments, it is preferable to try and have the payments altered or come to some other agreement than to simply not pay. Parents who don’t keep up with their obligations will have to face the consequences.

With the eye surgeon, his former wife has been trying to get him to catch up with his obligations without success until the man’s license to practice medicine was stripped from him. He fled the country instead of paying. When there is a situation such as this, it’s imperative that the parent who is not receiving payments as required gather accurate child support information to know how to deal with it.

Source: WJLA, “Maryland doctor stripped of license after failing to pay child support,” Joce Sterman, Sept. 15, 2014

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