Can Divorce Make You Sick?

Divorce is the end of a marriage. It’s a highly emotional event that has been compared to a death. In a sense, it is. It’s the death of a relationship.

There’s always going to be stress involved in a divorce. Many people get through it better than others, though. They’re able to work through all the issues amicably and move on with the least amount of stress possible.

Others are blindsided by the divorce. They are heartbroken to the point that they suffer physical effects such as illnesses. Some even die an early death.

Even those who are divorcing amicably can suffer severe physical effects. Many lose weight due to the effects. They don’t eat well. Many develop sleeplessness, brain fog, and heart palpitations. Mental effects such as anxiety and depression often follow.

That’s how much a divorce can affect you. Some psychologists even equate falling in love to putting a loaded gun to your head. While divorce has been on the decline, it’s still stressful nonetheless. In fact, the effects can be fatal. Divorcees are 23% more likely to die young than those who are married. Divorce is almost as bad as smoking.

People who are married but in rocky relationships still fare pretty badly but are better than those who are divorced. Happily married people live the longest. They also have lower rates of stroke, heart attack, and cancer, stroke and heart attack. On top of that, they tend to experience less stress.

Studies show that heartbreak is actually real and can take a toll on our health. People who are in broken or unhealthy relationships tend to suffer higher rates of heart disease. There’s even a condition called “broken heart syndrome,” which occurs when a person suffers heart attack symptoms after getting dumped. Twenty percent of sufferers will experience long-term complications, while 5% will actually die.

And it’s not just the heart that’s affected. Studies show that those who have recently divorced produce fewer natural T-cells, which means they face a higher risk of infections and cancer. Bodily inflammation is also an issue. Divorce comes with a lot of negative effects, such as rejection, child custody battles, financial pressures, and a huge emotional toll. All of these conditions create conditions ripe for inflammation.

Autoimmune conditions are often fueled by inflammation, which means that some people develop diabetes and other conditions after an emotional event such as a divorce. Because of this, many people try to find another partner as soon as possible. So after a divorce, find ways to heal yourself—physically and emotionally.

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Divorce is a major life event that can cause various physical and mental effects. It can be the same as losing a loved one.

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