Baltimore Ravens player given a break with DUI sentence

Often times in criminal cases involving high-profile defendants, the public and the legal system can be relatively tough on a suspect in order to try to make an example out of him or her. Fortunately for Baltimore Ravens linebacker Sergio Kindle, a judge was able to see the defendant based on his individual circumstance.

According to reports, Kindle was arrested for driving under the influence last December. An officer initially pulled him over for speeding and found evidence to support a DUI charge against the 23-year-old linebacker. This was reportedly Kindle’s second incident of suspected drunk driving.

Whereas the repeat aspect of the DUI case could have secured a judge’s harsh hand in sentencing, the judge ruled last week against a state attorney’s recommendation that Kindle should spend at least 30 days in jail.

Instead, Kindle was sentenced to a suspended one-year jail sentence, meaning he only wound up spending five days in jail for pleading guilty to drunk driving. The judge also waived the standard $1,000 fine following a DUI offense. Kindle has to serve two years of probation wherein he is to give up alcohol and attend counseling sessions.

This is a pretty good deal for Kindle, which he reportedly is grateful for. Sources report that it was Kindle’s voluntary, sincere efforts to seek help following the last incident that motivated the judge’s gracious sentencing.

The NFL has its own disciplinary policies when it comes to players’ legal missteps. It doesn’t sound like his team is opposed to Kindle getting back on the field. But this DUI case isn’t the only tough thing the player has faced in the past couple of years. Last July, he fell and suffered a skull fracture, which has kept him from playing.

His team is optimistic that Kindle’s healing over the past year has been significant and that he will play soon. Of course, that depends on the NFL lockout situation as well.

Source: Carroll County Times: “Kindle avoids jail time in DWI case,” Aaron Wilson, 11 May 2011

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