Baltimore Ravens Assistant Coach Charged with Drunk Driving

Assistant coach of the Baltimore Ravens, Andy Moeller, is not unfamiliar with DUI allegations. He is in the midst of his third time defending his name from alcohol-related charges. A recent report states that Moeller is scheduled to appear in court next month, Nov. 22.

How did Moeller wind up being charged with the most recent DUI? According to sources, the assistant offensive line coach was pulled over in Sept. Authorities claim that the suspect was speeding when they pulled him over after 1 a.m.

Public reports regarding the DUI case do not share the details as to why Moeller was charged with DUI following the Sept. incident. Details about whether he consented to a breath test or was subjected to a blood test have not been published. What his blood alcohol content level measured at the time of the incident, therefore, is also unknown.

Perhaps the upcoming hearing will reveal more of the details behind Moeller’s various charges. He currently is charged with DUI, negligent driving and speeding. If this case proves to be anything like those in Moeller’s past, then Moeller could have a good chance at getting past the charges.

He was charged with a prior DUI in May, but the charge was dropped when the court determined that he hadn’t even been driving during the alleged incident. It is possible that the current charges against Moeller are similarly reckless. His defense says that Moeller plans to plead not guilty to the charges come November.


National Football Post: “Ravens assistant Andy Moeller’s DUI court date set for November,” Aaron Wilson, 15 Oct. 2010

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