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Baltimore mayoral candidate wants to tax bullets to reduce crime

Different government officials have different ideas about how to improve their communities. Voters often look at how a governmental candidate plans to target crime in their state or city. A Baltimore mayoral candidate has a unique idea about how to reduce violent crime in the city. His idea: a bullet tax.

Taxing bullets is not the candidate’s only idea. He also has an idea regarding drug charges and marijuana that he believes would make law enforcement’s efforts to reduce crime more effective. The candidate and his ideas are certainly making the news, but will they make a good impression on Baltimore voters?

Last week, the mayoral candidate announced that he wants to make people less likely to commit violent crimes by literally increasing the cost of committing the crimes. He would make violent crime more expensive by adding a $1 tax to individual bullets. He doesn’t want to increase the cost of guns because he recognizes that they are often obtained illegally.

The candidate argues that the rate of violent crime and murder in the city remains high because law enforcement focuses too heavily on minor offenses, such as marijuana possession. He proposes that those who are caught carrying small amounts of the drug should not be punished so heavily and take up the system’s time. They should merely be fined.

What do you think about this candidate’s ideas about targeting Baltimore crime? Would his suggestions work? Do you see any problems or loopholes with his proposals?

Source “‘Bullet Tax’ Proposed By Mayoral Candidate,” 19 Jul. 2011

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